QUEEN SALSA 'Showcase' Workshops...every 2 weeks on a Sunday.

As you know I have trained not 1 but 2 World Champions, and now is the chance for YOU to JOIN me in a fun QUEEN SALSA 'SHOWCASE' WORKSHOP on Sunday afternoons.

I guarantee that this will be the most scintillating and exhilarating workshop you have ever experienced, so book the QUEEN SALSA 'SHOWCASE' WORKSHOP TODAY to ensure your place.

When: Every 2 weeks (approx) on a SUNDAY
Time: 14:00 – 17:00 Plus 1 hour dancing
Cost: £15 pre booked and £20 at the door
How to Book: email mina@queensalsa.com or call/text 07958578962
Where: UNITED SERVICES CLUB (South London), 268 Balham High Rd, Balham / Tooting Bec, London, SW17 7AJ OR KELLY'S (BAR & CLUB) in HENDON (North West London), 407 - 411 Hendon Way, London, NW4 3LH.

QUEEN SALSA @ SALSA FUSION periodically on Saturdays from 9:30pm...Mina Queen Salsa teaches a special, and surprisingly easy to dance, mix of Cali [Colombian], Cuban and Puerto Rican style Salsa.  You would never have seen this mix of styles anywhere else before, so try not to miss this amazing experience!  For more information about Mina's Salsa classes at Salsa Fusion, please visit: 

Mina QUEEN SALSA Fast Masterclass, on T.B.A.

This 'Masterclass of Salsa' is for those of you who are at least at 'Intermediate' level who have the energy and are ready to take the next step by learning some amazingly fast and furious fancy footwork in combination with an advanced and eclectic mix of artistic turn patterns taken from all the styles of Salsa.

Please note, however, these Fast Masterclasses are not for the faint-hearted so, if you think you have the drive and determination to raise your Salsa dancing to a higher level, then please come along to my next Fast Masterclass on T.B.A.  I promise you won't be disappointed!

Please book the QUEEN SALSA Fast Masterclass TODAY to ensure your place.

Time: 14:00 – 17:00
Cost: £20 pre booked and £25 at the door
How to Book: email mina@queensalsa.com or call/text 07958578962
Where: KELLY'S (BAR & CLUB) in HENDON (North West London), 407 - 411 Hendon Way, London, NW4 3LH OR T.B.A.

'SALSA CON CLASE': Yearly, when / where possible, (All-Inclusive) Party Events with a great DJ, Dance Showcases, Salsa Bands and Tasty Refreshments, etc!

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The fun starts here!!!