Mondays: in RUISLIP (West London)... >>>

Tuesdays: in HENDON (North London)... >>>

Wednesdays: T.B.A... >>>

Thursdays: in BALHAM (South London)... >>>

Fridays: T.B.A... >>>

Saturdays: T.B.A... >>>

Sundays: Intensive bi-monthly Sunday Salsa workshops in HENDON and BALHAM... >>>

For Private Lessons, Choreographies, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Other Celebratory Occasions and more general Salsa related information about Mina's Classes, Workshops, Parties and Holidays, etc, please call Mina or Steve on: 07958 578 962 or email:


All styles of Salsa (Cali [Colombian], Cuban, Cross-body and Puerto Rican), are taught at all levels by Mina QUEEN SALSA and her team

Learn Salsa and have fun with Mina QUEEN SALSA, one of your more experienced Salsa teachers, teaching Salsa in the UK since 1991.  Scintillatingly Sassy Salsa Classes, including Footwork and Styling.