QUEEN SALSA Music, Dance and Eco-Culture Tour to Colombia (Cali and San Andres), 16th - 30th August 2020...now Postponed until 2023 or 2024

The PARTY has now officially begun!  Come and join us in August 2020 for a Fun-Filled Party Extravaganza in the Salsa Capital of the World...CALI, in Colombia + Colombia's exquisite Caribbean Island of San Andres for everything you'd expect from one of the Caribbean's most beautiful islands.

The Tour, as you've now come to expect from the QUEEN SALSA team, will include as much as you can possibly fit in to a 15 day period.  For more information, please click here


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Queen Salsa's Online Salsa (QSOS) is here.

Queen Salsa's Online Salsa Classes have arrived..

As of Monday 6th April 2020 you can now log on to ZOOM (the latest online video conferencing app) to join one of Mina's NEW and EXCITING Online Salsa Classes.

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Mina QUEEN SALSA's Salsa Pachanga Workshops...next Salsa Pachanga Workshop coming soon!

This 'Salsa Pachanga' Workshop is for those of you who are at least at 'Improvers' level who have the energy and inclination to take a step up by being prepared to learn some amazingly fast and furious fancy footwork in combination with a more advanced and eclectic mix of artistic turn patterns taken from all styles of Salsa.

So, if you think you have the drive and determination to raise your Salsa dancing game to a higher level, then please click here for more information

All styles of Salsa, by Mina QUEEN SALSA and her team